Our Church Building

Holy Cross Church is situated on approximately six acres of rolling hills located in northern Harford County at the intersection of Route 24 and Holy Cross Road. The church building itself is aligned east/west, with the front doors facing a panoramic view of farmland essentially unchanged for more than 100 years.

The church building was erected in 1888, and is one of the ‘newer’ Episcopal churches in the county. The building is made of granite, quarried locally. The very steep roof features Peach Bottom unfading black slate, also from a local site. The narthex was added in 1987 as a centennial project. On the inside parishioners face east and see beyond the altar a large stained-glass window that is lit by the morning sun. The sanctuary holds about 130 people. On the north, south, and west walls are stained glass windows. The ceiling is wood and the walls are plaster. We feel the sanctuary provides a wonderful environment for the worship of the Lord.

A large parish hall was added in 1966 and joins to the church itself. The building’s axis is north/south. The exterior of the hall is finished in stucco and has a steeply pitched shingle roof. The main floor underwent an extensive renovation in 2005 in which we added a fully equipped commercial kitchen, air conditioning, and met ADA standards for handicap accessibility. It also houses the church office, a large fellowship hall, and restrooms. The building has a full basement containing the nursery, a large common area, a restroom and a mechanical room.

As for other buildings, there is a large, new shed used for storage and a small, very old outbuilding used for storage of gardening tools, signs, and the like. Toward the rear of the church grounds is a playground area. The church does not have a rectory.

In addition to the structures, the church grounds include a cemetery maintained by its members for its members.

Regarding the grounds proper, there is some paved parking on the north side of the church and a paved driveway on the south side that leads to the rear of the church grounds and cemetery. A gravel parking lot is located on the south side of the church.

The church grounds include a large quantity and variety of trees, shrubs, and acres of grass.

Discussions regarding the future have included construction of an exit onto Holy Cross Road.

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